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Hi. It makes my heart full, that you are here. Welcome to this journey we are on..

Kendahl is a 22 year old student, rider and dog mom. She is a nursing student, event rider and owner to Emmett. She has two dogs Kai and Lou, who travel with her.


Out of Control. Part 1.

Thinking about this next post has been a bit difficult, I’ve struggled on what to write. I have so many ideas and plans, that picking one proved to be a challenge. Ideally I want to begin a series and have posts within each topic, going into further detail. Let this be the start of the first series, where we’re going to address body image and eating disorders. I want to open up further about my […]

Welcome. A bit about myself.

Hi, The idea for this blog has been a long time coming.. It’s been circling in my mind for over a year. It’s nerve wracking and exciting to begin this journey. My goal is to be authentic, honest, to the point and helpful. I want to discuss mental health and how that portrays to physical health. My first step is to open up about myself first. I am 22 years old, currently living in KY. […]


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