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Hi. It makes my heart full, that you are here. Welcome to this journey we are on..

Kendahl is a 22 year old rider and dog mom. She is a soon to be nursing student, event rider and owner to Emmett. She has two dogs Kai and Lou, who travel with her.


Picking up and Moving Forward.

Hi… It’s been a while since I have sat down and typed anything. I have drafts written up and finished, but I wanted to address some things first. The next post I was going to publish, at the time felt like it made the most sense. I had written about moving forward and healing, how to seek out the proper help and going through that entire process. About as soon as I had gotten halfway…

Out of Control. Part 1.

Thinking about this next post has been a bit difficult, I’ve struggled on what to write. I have so many ideas and plans, that picking one proved to be a challenge. Ideally I want to begin a series and have posts within each topic, going into further detail. Let this be the start of the first series, where we’re going to address body image and eating disorders. I want to open up further about my…

Welcome. A bit about myself.

Hi, The idea for this blog has been a long time coming.. It’s been circling in my mind for over a year. It’s nerve wracking and exciting to begin this journey. My goal is to be authentic, honest, to the point and helpful. I want to discuss mental health and how that portrays to physical health. My first step is to open up about myself first. I am 22 years old, currently living in KY.…


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